Current FITFAB  Bootcampers who sign up for Jom Kurus with FitFab will get a 10% discount.


The first 20 who sign up ( early birds) @ SGD100


A family/ group of 4 @ SGD 380 ( savings of SGD 100)  ( * FitFab bootcampers can enjoy this if the other 3 members are family and not bootcampers already)




11 thoughts on “JOM KURUS with FITFAB 2017

  1. Nurul Zahidah says:

    Me and mum interested in joining. But my mum is 56 y/old and dah lama tak exercise. Sure panting takut sesak nafas.. so possible for her to follow tz program?

    • Haslinda Ali says:

      Hi Nurul. Does your mum have any medical conditions that we should know about? What is best is if her GP /family doctor can give green light for her to start exercising.

    • Haslinda Ali says:

      Hi Seri. It won’t be everyday but once a week and activities will be on weekends. Either Saturday or Sunday or even both. We will be uploading the programme soon on the website so do watch out for it.

      • SERI RAHAYU says:

        thank u for e reply. one last qn i promise haha if i work shifts and wont be able to make it on few days, is it still ok to sign up?:)

        • Haslinda Ali says:

          For JOM KURUS FITFAB programme, you need to follow our dates and timing so it would be a waste if you sign up and cannot attend most sessions. As there won’t be any makeup lessons.

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