My FitFab Journey began in 2004

After the birth of my second daughter in 2004, I decided to do something about my post natal excess baggage . I was sick of wearing maternity clothes even after theconfinement period and I was sick of being sluggish and tired. My self esteem was low and I didnt like what I saw in the mirror. All I knew was that I was not going to reduce anymore food intake. I was only eating twice a day only in order to lose weight. I was hungry and grouchy most of the time. After confinement I lost 5kg and I was stuck at 80kg for the next 3 months.


Feeling exasperated, I decided I wanted to try exercising instead of diet giler. I walked into a gym and signed up for gym membership and personal training package. After one month of exercising and eating healthier, I managed to lose 2kg. I was pleased with the progress. My Personal Trainer , Nazarudin Seladin, a bodybuilder champ, taught me what to eat and WHEN to eat. He also put me under a systematic weight training programme to build muscular endurance, strength and to lose weight and inches. I stopped eating deep fried food, desserts and ate rice once a day – only for lunch. I increased my lean protein intake. Once a week , I gave myself a free cheat meal. I would go for my favourite food that is nasi lemak or epok epok 🙂 That kept me motivated throughout the week – to exercise diligently 5 times a week and to indulge in one cheat meal on Sunday mornings!


I felt great, happy and didnt feel I was dieting. Especially cos I can eat rice and was still losing weight.  Kata orang Melayu kan, kalau makan mesti ada nasi 🙂

Seeing myself shrink from XXL to size S was indeed motivation itself. And I love how I felt after each workout . My skin looked better, I looked more radiant and I am always in a better mood . Within 10 months I lost 20kg. And its due to a good eating plan and exercise.

It made me realise how important it is for us to be happy with ourselves before we can make others happy. I have never looked back since and have never stopped exercising till today. And I still have my once- a -day meal of nasi .

I am most thankful for the knowledge and empowerment that my own FITFAB has brought me. That is how FITFAB was born – to share what I have learnt, experienced  🙂

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