How are JKFF Programmes designed?




My fitness team led by Fitness Manager Rizal Eunos and myself design the programmes with LOVE and MUCH CARE.  We look at the programmes available in FITFAB ,  the expertise of our coaches and our network of fitness partners and fitness venues and collaborators , we will milk our strengths and forte to give the best to the participants. With some creativity , careful planning and careful selection of venue, we want to ensure that our participants get an unforgettable experience with fitness. We recced and surveyed many places and we were so choosy ! 😉 We wanted to get the best of the best for our programme. We are blessed to have many in the fitness industry who support FITFAB the movement and have faith in JOM KURUS the brand.

Our utmost priority is that our participants get a variety of fitness activities safely and that they wont get bored or feel its regimented. Having the right venue is crucial for that FEEL. If we doing boxing, it has to be boxing studio 🙂 We want them to KNOW that fitness is FUN. So our JKFF programmes will always have VARIETY and WIDE Ranging activities – from bootcamps, lifting , dance, yoga , trail and games. Even coaches were having too much fun weekly. And true enough participants were looking forward to our weekly reminders of where they should be for their weekly workout. Today some of the participants continue their JKFF journey by taking up the activities they LOVE or prefer. Whether its dance, boxing or yoga or bootcamps. It makes me happy to see that they are self motivated and do not need much “pushing” anymore. Indeed , JKFF as planned, was to give them that kickstart they need to lose weight and keep healthy.

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