Jom Kurus with FITFAB Season 1

Alhamdulillah. JOM KURUS with FITFAB was a successful collaboration and I am grateful to my FITFAB team of coaches and Fitness Manager Rizal Eunos for working closely with me to guide, motivate and design programmes that we knew was going to be a HIT with the participants. It was quite a feat to manage 80 participants ( we were conservative and had expected 60 only and we had to stop registration at 80 as we were getting nervous lol)  and 80% of participants never exercised before and they were excited to embark on their healthy journey. Loving the vibes and spirit of Jom Kurus , with Founder Kevin Zahri , kicking off the seminar in Singapore . THANK YOU! It was an eye opening seminar – with loads of wonderful practical takeaways for our participants who are mostly fans and followers of Cikgu Fitness Kevin Zahri. What a treat!



When I started out FITFAB back in 2014, I remember my passion to motivate Muslimahs especially to keep healthy and not to LET GO of their bodies and health after giving birth.And indeed, motivating participants who had never exercised before and were new to the fitness world was certainly a challenge I welcome very much. I always love a good challenge.

All in all, the 80 participants had a blast and we also created friendship and comradie amongst us. On the last day, it was pretty emotional for most of us, including myself but I keep my emotions in check. Such powerful inner feelings cos after working closely with them for 6 weeks – seeing them EVERY WEEK, and speaking to them daily via WhatsApp, everybody was kind of sad on the last day. Indeed we hugged, took lots of pictures, we thanked one another and we were just full of love and respect for one another.

Some of the participants remain FITFAB clients who continue with  our bootcamp programmes, lifting classes and even YOGA. When they smile after a good workout, its PRICELESS.


They can’t wait for JKFF season 2 to start.

Best of all, I saw each and everyone losing weight , sweating it out , having so much fun in fitness and continuing that journey even after the 6 weeks were done.

Congrats to OUR JKFF CHAMP – Encik Jufri , who lost 12.1kg in 6 weeks! He had participated JKFF with his wife and 3 lovely daughters. His weight loss journey continues as he is now a member of BISHAN OHANA bootcamp with coach Ali and he is taking Personal training with coach Rizal Eunos.


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