What to Expect from JOM KURUS WITH FITFAB Season 2?


Expect wide ranging variety of programmes and longer sweatout with awesome coaches at some new locations – that promises awesome scenic views and unforgettable experience ! There is something for everyone and you WILL uncover your beast mode inside you and discover that fitness is FUN. Discover practical ways to lose weight and manage your food cravings with makanan yang “menggembirakan” in your food plan.




Make new like -minded friends who want to lose weight and reinstate their health- doesn’t matter your age , shape or your background.  Just like in JKFF1, our aim is to empower participants with skills and knowledge and the know-hows to lose weight in healthy way and permanently. With knowledge as our weapon , we can lose weight and increase our fitness level and reinstate our health. JKFF will always remain a wonderful PLATFORM to KICKSTART your FITFAB journey. I am most grateful for this awesome collaboration with Founder KEVIN ZAHRI.



JKFF 6 weeks programme is designed to give participants a holistic approach to health and wellness. You will find it the shortest 6 weeks of your life cos you are having too much fun 🙂

I know many are raring to go on 27th JANUARY 2018. So are we 🙂 It will only get better henceforth. InsyaALLAH


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