Jom Kurus Singapore with FITFAB Season 3

It is so exciting each time JOM KURUS FITFAB is about to kick off another season. We are now into Season 3 and how time flies from the days of first season. FITFAB has been given the trust to continue partnering with JOM KURUS founder, Kevin Zahri for season 3.


With each season, Jom Kurus FITFAB becomes stronger in more ways than one. More participants, more weight loss ( total) , more inches lost, more fun, more serious, more , more more. It has been a steep learning curve for FITFAB too and I am privileged to have met and gotten a group of fitness professionals from SG that are not only qualified but motivated in the purpose of JOM KURUS SINGAPORE.

Our 6 weeks programme WILL ensure weight loss in a fun and varied way. One thing is for sure- you WILL have fun and you will be motivated in the presence of like minded individuals. If you are alone and have reservations to sign up, dont worry. Many participants have signed up ALONE but end up with a group of friends from JOM KURUS. And till today, they have this group of friends to continue their healthy journey with.


We promise in 6 weeks  not only that you will lose weight , but you WILL be equipped with the know-hows of how to lose fats the right way.


Cant wait to see all of you in JOM KURUS SINGAPORE season 3 !


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