For the first time we had JOHORE SINGAPORE OHLIMPIK during the second season of JKFF. And Instantly, Team SINGAPORE FITFAB Dodgeball and TEAM SINGAPORE NETBALL are born! With just 2 weeks of time to actually practice and train, it was an amazing feat for us to even be there in JOHORE BAHRU for the OHLIMPIK. Truly surreal and we even managed to print our own SINGAPORE tees. It was competitive ( yes the JOHORIANS were very competitive)  but we had so fun as they welcomed us with open arms . Best of all, we made new friends with JOM KURUS JOHORE –  team leaders and participants alike. It was an unforgettable experience and we are looking to another OHLIMPIK at the end of JOM KURUS SINGAPORE. What a way to end each season! We only know we will get better with each season !  

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