Are the programmes for JOM kurus  participants different from those programmes run by FITFAB?

Yes it’s a different programme although FITFAB bootcamps will be one of the programmes incorporated into the 6 weeks programme.

Does the 6 weeks programme mean we have to take leave to participate?

No. The activities are during weeknights or weekends once or twice a week.

What is the objective of Jom Kurus with FITFAB?

The objective is to empower and guide participants  to plan a good fitness and eating plan to lose weight in 6 weeks

Will participants be guided by Kevin Zahri himself?

Each country has own country leader but participants will get his guidance during the Jom Kurus seminar for free.

For this programme, do you have to be obese to participate?

No. Its opened to anyone who think they can benefit from this programme but mostly the participants have weight issues.

How many can be lost in 6 weeks?

Winners in the past have lost up to 10kg. However on average, weight loss is about 5kg in 6 weeks.

What are some of the activities in this programme?

Activities include weight training, dance/ Zumba, weight training and trekking.

Is Jom Kurus a programme based on products?

No. Jom Kurus advocates healthy eating and exercise and active lifestyle to lose weight.