Jom Kurus 6 Week Weight Loss program:

Following are some sample activities that a participant can expect to do during a 6 week Jom Kurus program. The focus is on variety, education and quality group fitness training.


FitFab Bootcamp Training

Educational bootcamps for beginners, complete with trained and certified coaches to help women exercise safely and effectively

Seminar with Kevin Zahri

Every Jom Kurus participant will be able to attend a half day seminar and exercise workshop with Kevin Zahri in Singapore

Tour Dates


Outdoor Activities

Fitness is not tied to the gym or traditional bootcamp trainings. We bring you and fitness back to nature.

Fun Group Workouts

With amazing group spirit that gives you that extra boost of positivity, expect plenty of fun group workouts to keep you coming back for more.


Ohlimpik Sport Competitions

In Jom Kurus we have this awesome thing called Ohlimpik – sports competition for the obese. Expect to compete against others who are at a similar level both competitively and physically.

Ladies Like to Dance 🙂

Don’t worry ladies. We got you covered with the latest and coolest dance tracks, Zumba routines and perhaps even a behind closed doors traditional dance-off.


Its always different

Every 6 week Jom Kurus program is unique. We are a family and together with you we decide on building a program that is memorable for everyone involved, especially you!