Jom Kurus Singapore with Haslinda Ali FitFab is especially catered for those you are just starting their weight loss journey together with others.

6 WEEK challenge includes:
20% Off for the 1st 20 Registrations
Dedicated Trainer
Seminar with Kevin Zahri
Haslinda Ali & Rizal
Support Group Diectian
10x eBook & 100x Video
42x Home Workout
1x T-Shirt
Fiesta Jom Kurus
Sports & Games

Sample Activities: HIIT, Circuit Training, Muay Thai, Zumba, Seminars, Dodgeball, Hiking, Bootcamps, Grocery Shopping, Diet Planning etc


Haslinda Ali

FITFAB was founded by Haslinda Ali, a television personality and celebrity in 2012 to inspire mothers to get back in shape and stay active and healthy.

What started out as an online sharing on Facebook about how she managed to shed 22kg in 10 months after her second daughter was born, through weight  training, exercising and healthy eating. She is a certified Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor. 

Get to know haslinda


Step 1: Choose between Coach Raihan or Coach Hayah:

Meet Coach Rizal

Coach Rizal is FitFab’s Fitness Manager and Merchandise Manager. He is responsible for managing FITFAB bootcamps and coaches and is the team leader for Jom Kurus with FITFAB season one and season 2. He is also the overall coach in charge of Jom  Kurus Singapura Netball and Dodgeball Team for Ohlimpik Johore -Singapore in early 2018.

A rugby player and an athlete with certification in Personal Training by Federation of International Sports Aerobics and Fitness ( FISAF)  and certified for assessment and correction of Olympic lifts for athletes and coaches , AFC 2016.

Certified Active Aging Movement Coach with SCW Active Aging Certification. Certified Elite Fitness Specialist (EFS)  Shoulder and Knees. Certified TRX Instructor @ Group Training Course. Certified ViPR Pro Instructor .

Kevin Zahri

Meet Kevin, founder of Jom Kurus and award winning trainer with over 10 years experience, during his Jom Kurus seminar stop in Singapore on the 9th September 2017.


For many Jom Kurus is a collection of once-in-a-lifetime experiences that empower you to be a stroner, fitter and more “kurus” version of yourself.